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Ever feel like the whole world is against you and your fitness goals? You sit in a chair all day, come home exhausted, then eat junk food and sit on a couch. What if we told you we had the cure? Don't believe us? Sign up and we will help you lose 7 pounds in 7 days.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You live a pretty sedentary life. You sit too long every day, you don't have the energy that you used to, and you feel... alone. To make things worse, you've gained some weight the last couple of years and your clothes don't fit like they should. You've tried some of the fad diets and either you don't lose any weight or, if you do, it comes right back as soon as you go off of the diet. You've been to the gym, but either you get injured or you don't know what to do and just end up on the treadmill. If that's you, Gym Class will work for you.

How do we know? Check out Brandon's Story

Brandon's Story

Now, let’s wind the clocks back to 2001…

The year that changed Brandon’s life.

If you didn’t know, Brandon was morbidly obese and out of shape his whole life.

Of course he wanted to be in shape, but nothing he did worked…


He took fat burner pills, slim fast shakes, and worked out in a home gym that almost killed him…

He spent 3 hours in the gym a day, starved himself, nearly put a lock on his fridge…

And still weighed more than a silverback gorilla.

He was so discouraged, he almost quit altogether.

Brandon Before
Brandon before and after

But suddenly, something clicked…

He discovered the latest scientific weight loss breakthroughs of the time that helped him ditch 120 pounds of confidence-crippling fat!

And that gave him the motivation to help others drop unwanted weight too.

So he became a personal trainer, opened his Gym Class Fitness, and started getting people in the best shape of their lives.

And they were getting great results!

There was just one problem…

The process just wasn’t fast enough!

So Brandon decided to start looking for the NEWEST science that would help him and his clients get FASTER results…

…in a fun and different way that kept them looking forward to the next workout instead of dreading it and giving up.

That’s when he hired...

The Danish exercise scientist that changed EVERYTHING…

Brandon hired him to do research on the most cutting-edge fitness breakthroughs of today, and what he came back with was shocking…

Not only did he discover the newest way to get in fantastic shape faster than ever…

He realized that every other gym was still stuck using the old, outdated science, and getting their members puny results extremely slow!

In fact, he found that the only ones who really knew about this NEW way of getting in shape were high level scientists and celebrity trainers. 

Now, professional actors pay celebrity trainers THOUSANDS to learn these fitness secrets.

It’s how they’re able to go from completely out of shape to a Greek statue virtually overnight.

But Brandon's scientist's research is even more advanced than what celebrity trainers are using.

In fact, once Brandon laced his system up with these remarkable fitness breakthroughs…

He became the only gym using all the newest, up-to-date science for getting people in shape fast!

Danish Scientist

Get Results in 4 East Steps

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  • Schedule your Check-in
  • Work hard for 7 days
  • See the results

Member Results

Laurie lost 40 Pounds & Her Knee Pain is gone!

"I think I've lost 40 pounds. I had a lot of problems with my knees. Now my knees don't hurt anymore, which is awesome." - Laurie White

Adam Lost 60 Pounds & Enjoys Working Out now!

"When I started I was about 60 pounds heavier. I've lost A LOT of weight here. This is what I enjoy doing." 

- Adam Martinez

Adam before and after
Debbie before and after

Debbie Is Down 65lbs At 69 & feels like she can keep up with anyone! 

"I've tried every workout known and nothing worked. But I came here 65 pounds heavier, barely able to walk up the stairs, and now I'm 69 years old and feel like I can keep up with almost anybody!" - Debbie Romero

Ask Yourself This

If you had...

  • a proven fitness program that took you through quick, fat-blasting workouts you actually enjoy
  • a driven community of people with the same goals as you
  • top level trainers to push you and hold you accountable every step of the way

Do you think you’d finally be able to get the results you’ve been working so hard for?

If you said yes, click the button below and see results in 7 days.

What You Get

We’re so confident this will work for you that we’re going to let you test drive the Gym Class Fitness system for 7 days FREE so you can see first hand how powerful this is!

That means you'll be getting:

  • Unlimited workouts at Gym Class Fitness
  • Elite-level coaching and accountability
  • A tailor-made “eat and get lean” meal plan
  • ​Exclusive membership to a private community of winners like you

Gym Class Results

gym class member results
gym class results

What's The Catch?

workout at gym class fitness

Our goal is to get you such fast and amazing results in 7 days that you get hooked and want to become a Gym Class member for life.

That’s our ‘hidden’ motive.

Obviously there’s no obligation for you to sign up, but once you see how incredible this cheat code system is, we hope you won’t want to leave!

Again, NO ONE is doing this…

There’s NO other gym that uses this method.

Only us.

So if you're tired of the endless cardio, starvation diets, and other crazy things that push you further away from your goals, click the button below now to claim your free 7 day offer.

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